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Winter Peeks In

December brings some seasonal decorations to our neighborhood.
The next day it was 60 degrees and windy, so it all melted and blew away.

More House Pictures

I added a few more house photos because Jeff’s girls asked to see everyone’s rooms.
See the "New House" photo album.

Moved in

We’ve moved to our new home! 
Many thanks to all who help us schlep 4.5 truckloads (a 24-footer!) of our stuff 1 whole mile, and to those who helped pack, clean, watch kids. etc.
Special thanks go to our realtor and his heroic efforts to help us sell (and move).
We love the new space though it’s currently filled with boxes.  Bethany has worked very hard to get things put away and make this new house a home.  Rich is trying not to think too much about the new house payment.
We’ll post pictures once we unpack the camera.
Here’s the front elevation:
Here’s a view of the master bath:
Entrance to master bedroom:
Family room:
See Ashcroft photo album for more.

Happy Birthday, Halli!

Halli arrived 11:10 p.m. PST on the 29th of May 2007, weighing 5 lb 13 oz and measuring 17.5 inches.

That’s 2644 g and 44.45 cm according to the reckoning of the sane. The birth was met with much rejoicing, followed by much evaluating, and she passed with flying colors. This accompanied plenty of immunizations, pokes, prodding and other sorts of shenanigans.  Mom and baby are resting in hospital, dad is trying to catch up on sleep.