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The lost bitcoins

Plastic Pennies

Also, how is this not counterfeiting?


A better way to taper would be to stop doing this

Some traditions are just stupid
Some traditions are just stupid

Doghouse: Ecofirst Pest Control

Do all pest control operations work like this?

So, I went to cancel my pest control, foisted onto us by a silver-tongued salesmen who told me that I could cancel at any time without penalty.

It turns out, that is a lie.

I have to pay $130 to terminate service.  I have two treatments left at $99 each, so it’s either $198 to ride out the remaining 6 months of the contract (2 more anti-pest applications at $99 each) or the $130.

Here’s the fine print – this is all you need to know when the EchoWorst sales dork comes to your door:

Show this to your friendly neighborhood Ecofirst Pest Control lackey and throw him off your porch!

It turns out, I’m not alone:


Best line I’ve read so far about the role of congress in bailing out Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, AIG and the rest of the "economy":
It seems to me that one of the biggest problems in this country over say the last 40 years is that the “standard goal” for politicians has changed from “serving the people, making the country stronger, more prosperous and – oh yes – upholding the constitution” to “spending as much of other peoples’ money as possible in order to get re-elected." And I don’t consider that to be a cynical statement. At all.