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A better way to taper would be to stop doing this

Some traditions are just stupid
Some traditions are just stupid

Maddi’s 17th birthday

So this place

We held Maddi’s 17th birthday party here

has a bunch of projectors aimed at the walls and Kinects aimed the other way.
This makes for 25 foot displays and a larger-than-life gaming experience.
They have a good selection of Kinect for XBOX 360 games and we had a blast!


One critique would be that they need to somehow mount the Kinect devices up higher so they’ll be closer to eye-level. We had a rough time with the “Wipeout!” game, but the little kids were able to make it work more consistently.

Soooo jealous – why didn’t we think of this for our Christmas card?

It’s good to be the mayor of San Juan!

Where's my jaguar?

The Passing of a Prophet

Thank you for your lifetime of service. We will miss you.


Right.  So a while back (two months) I turned 40.
This would probably be the appropriate place to add some pictures.
A big thanks to the Sharps for hosting the party at their home, and to the many who helped plan the surprise, along with all who came to celebrate with us.

This cake was _really_ good.  I don’t remember where we got it, but someone had connections to some fanshee-smanshee cake place.  It was easily my best birthday cake ever.
There were a few baloons:
Bethany and Rebecca also put together a little video.  I’ll upload it here once I find my firewire cable.